About Us

Building property. Delivering lifestyle.

Branson Group is one of Melbournes most prominent townhouse developers with an incredible track record spanning over 20 years across 45 projects.

Recognised for setting the industry benchmark for design and quality, Branson has delivered more than 40 superb residential developments in less than 20 years. Each project strengthens our reputation for achieving consistent outcomes.


What we stand for comes through in everything we create. From highly informed site selection and design sensitivities to our perpetual quest for new materials that are as durable as they are beautiful.


Branson aims to provide immediate value for our clients and our partners, and is inspired to leave an indelible imprint of quality on Melbourne’s property landscape.


Mediocre properties are being released on the Melbourne market at an unprecedented rate.


Properties of good design and quality will almost always outperform the rest of the market in terms of capital gains and rental yields. For discerning buyers, both owner-occupiers and investors, it doesn’t make sense to buy anything else.


Branson and our collaborators have a shared appreciation for quality and a commitment to achieve results that always surpass client expectations.


This is why we are so particular about selecting strategic sites in sought-after locations. And why we then maximise the potential of these sites by delivering design and build outcomes that far exceed the calibre of conventional property.


At Branson, we know this is the only way to provide our clients with the confidence in ROI that they deserve.


Branson’s industry partners are a select group of design and trade professionals who share our uncompromising dedication to quality.


Partnering with Branson takes something special – a unique mix of innovative thinking, creativity, craftsmanship and service commitment. We choose our partners by reputation and evidence of their outstanding work, and they continue to work alongside us for the same reasons.